A little about LBB Fitness...

Your first class is FREE! We welcome all fitness levels to join us- no experience required! We have a special community inside our studio that is very encouraging of one another. We know it's intimidating to try something new and our studio is a 100% a judgement-free zone!

We offer a wide variety of barre and pilates classes, along with a cardio hip hop dance class!

Each class incorporates different exercises every time you come! This challenges our new clients and existing members alike and keeps you from getting bored!  

"There's an app for that!" Download Vagaro from your app store to make registering for

classes even easier. Simply search for Local Beauty Barre and bookmark us as a favorite. That's where you can find our schedule and all of our class descriptions.

Not into technology? No problem! Simply click the "schedule" button at the top of the page 



Meet Our Instructors!

Becki Ardagna

Hannah Gawrys

IG @hannah_gawrys

* Barre Babe * Dog Mom of Two * Owl Obsessed *

* Country Music Lover * Wannabe Runner * Always Dancing * Nail Art Maker ~ Simply Stringed * Leggings are Pants * Beach Bum *

Sayings: "Last one best one" ; "Armpits Engage" ; Sparklers out of your Toes" ; "Breathing Please" ; "Sound effects help" ;

"Singing burns more calories" ; "Woof"

IG @local.beautybarre

* Resident Barre Boss * bootybarre or bust *   

* WERQaholic * Pilates Lover *

* Reformer Equals Therapy * Makeup Enthusiast *

* Proud Dog Mom to Louie & Suzie *

* Lululemon Obsessed * Sweet Tooth for Days *

* Carb Addict * Fleetwood Mac * Homebody * 

* Hot Showers + Face Mask = Heaven *

Favorite Class Sayings :

"Yes, you can" ; "This is what you came for" ;

"One more set for good luck" ; "Last one, best one"

Jayne Valle Lara

* LBBarre & LBC * Dance Enthusiast *

* Loves Bright & Sparkly Things * Lake Life *

* Hip Hop & Trap Music * Crafty * Jewelry Maker *

* Antiques * Old Soul *

Overheard in my classes 

"Push your limits!" ; "Point your toes."

217 W. Hollis St. Nashua NH 03060

call/text 603.577.0048