Introductory session

just $40!


The reformer is a low impact pilates machine that promotes length, strength, flexibility and balance. The carriage (similar to a yoga mat) is attached to the frame  with adjustable resistance springs and is designed to move. Throughout your sessions you will be challenged to push and pull the carriage, and build your core stability to hold the carriage still.

Our team will customize your workouts to ensure that you are moving correctly, efficiently and with proper form, while working towards your personal goals.


These sessions are private, or semi-private and are booked off of your availability and our instructor availability. If you know someone that may want to join your sessions, we encourage you to start together so that you can progress together as you advance your strength and skills.

Single Session Rates & Passes

Introductory Session

$40 per client, limit one per person

Private Session

$60 per client

Duet Session

$40 per client

5 Private Sessions

$290 per client

5 Duet Sessions

$190 per client

10 Private Sessions

$560 per client

10 Duet Sessions

$360 per client

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